Paikuli & Associates was founded in June 2005 by the brothers John & Kimo Paikuli.  Both John and Kimo had been working in the insurance industry and felt that we could offer a personal touch to our business approach and a wide variety of insurance choices to future clients. We’ve seen too many poor practices by our insurance agents in the past and felt that we could provide honest, clear, and an easy manner of doing business.

Our first location was in the Jefferson 400 in Spokane, WA an office space of 1800 square feet.  It was spacious for the two owners.    The first companies to appoint us were Foremost and MetLife Insurance companies.  Safeco, Travelers, and Progressive joined us in the following few months.  In the spring of 2006, another company expressed great interest in our office space and was willing to buy out our lease.  We accepted the offer and relocated to our home town of Medical Lake, WA.

Medical Lake was a new chapter for Paikuli & Associates.  We knew many residents and enjoyed the closer commute.  We rented out an office space about 1200 square feet in the newer Stanley Professional Building on Stanley and I-902.  We had the suite built out to our specifications and everything was brand new.  While here we made a couple other additions to the companies that partner with us.  We began representing Grange, Unitrin, and the Hartford.  After about two years at this location though, another company desired to buy out our lease and ask us to move out.  As luck would have it, the Ramsey building went up for sale at exactly this time.  It is located on Lake across the street from the Village Supply Hardware Store.  The opportunity to buy our own building was too exciting to pass up and so we allowed the other company to purchase our lease and we excitedly moved offices once more.

Being a building owner brought a whole new facet to our way of doing business.  Now we worried about such things as water, sewer, and electricity.  Additionally, the new building required a lot of work to be done to meet the standards we usually have.  Walls were torn down and moved, floorings were torn up and replaced, exterior doors were patched, new windows and roof were replaced, a kitchen was installed, bathrooms were torn out or renovated, wood floors and carpeting installed, and the exterior was landscaped.

In September 2011, Paikuli & Associates took a huge step and hired their first full-time employee.  We welcomed Cris Henry to our ranks as an Agent/Producer.  He brings an eagerness and excitement that is refreshing to be part of.  The future looks very bright for Paikuli & Associates.  We’ve always been conservative in our business approach and grown steadily and with many quality clients.  In many ways, our goals have been met.  We have several great companies and clients and the personnel are steadily growing.  We practice business honestly and clearly for our clients and try to make doing business as easy as possible.  We’ve partnered with some of the best companies in the industry.  We welcome any future customer and client to come in share in this experience with us.

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